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Brett Concrete Supplies Flowing Screed For Eco Homes

Brett Concrete are supplying flowing screed to Scandia Hus, the largest designer and manufacturer of Swedish, energy-saving timber homes in the UK, with two showhouses in the West Sussex area.

The latest of their bespoke show houses to be constructed will include cutaways to reveal building compositions to customers. Alongside this, these showhouses will also function as dedicated seminar spaces.

Brett Concrete have supplied and supported Express Liquid Screeds, who are installing the liquid screed. The supplied material – Longfloor IntegraCure – was chosen for its efficiency and fast-drying properties. It is capable of drying in 21 days, and can receive foot traffic in 24-48 hours.

A fast drying, flowing screed product was the ideal choice for Scandia Hus, minimising disruption to their business, being far less labour-intensive compared to traditional products. Equally important, the increased thermal conductivity of liquid screed aligns with Scandia Hus’ energy-saving goals, as well as the rising use of residential underfloor heating.

Ashley Sexton, Managing Director of Express Liquid Screeds Ltd, said: “Express Liquid Screeds have worked alongside Scandia Hus for a number of years, installing various types of screeds for their many styles of forward thinking, eco-friendly, timber framed houses. More recently, Scandia’s choice screed product has been Longfloor IntegraCure, as it offers unrivalled benefits to both the installer, main contractor and end user. Benefits such as, market leading drying times, minimal preparation for floor coverings, fast trafficking, excellent heat transferring qualities and many, many more!

“Brett Concrete have been able to consistently batch and supply materials to an extremely high quality across the South of England, making them the obvious choice of supplier. The hassle free and easy installation of Longfloor is repeatedly reflected in the finished product on-site.”

The completed showhouse will serve as a demonstration that flowing screed is more than viable for new house builds, and is an efficient concrete solution for future projects.

For any enquiries regarding our screed range please click this link, or contact Toby Collins on 07971 725530 or