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Literally holding back the waves – that’s what the new and improved sea wall at Dymchurch is designed to do. And a modest increase to the average height of the existing sea banks together with a a significant increase in the overall weight and structural performance of the defences will provide protection against a breach or waves flowing over the top of the sea wall for everything but the most exceptional storms.

35,000m3 of high strength quality concrete was supplied to reinforce the 2.2km stretch along the Kent coastline from High Knocke to Dymchurch and a new wave return wall, a new primary defence wall, an additional lower promenade and a stepped revetment were constructed to achieve this goal.

One of the particular challenges of reinforcing the sea wall in this way was carrying out work in tidal conditions which meant a great deal of the concrete deliveries had to happen within very tight windows of time.

Concrete Supplier – Brett Concrete

Location – Dymchurch, Kent

Total Volume – 35,000m3 approx

Supply Period – Spring 2009 - August 2011

Client – Environment Agency

Main Contractor – Birse Coastal

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