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Coloured Concrete

Brett Concrete can provide coloured concrete suitable for use in a wide range of applications providing a permanent, cost-effective alternative to decorative surface coatings and bringing colour and texture to a wide range of structures.

Whether used in footpaths and flooring or shopping centres through to sea defences, coloured concrete has the same strength and durability as traditional concrete mixes.

As well as 24 standard colours, custom colours can be made to order to complement your design or project by either blending in or creating a special feature.

Our standard colour mixes

Colour chart - Coloured Concrete.JPG

Coloured concrete features:

  • Available in 24 standard colours
  • Custom colours can be made to order
  • Colour consistency guaranteed
  • Can be used in pre-cast or cast in-situ applications
  • Is stable in the presence of lime and sunlight, and doesn’t contain chlorides
  • Pigment used conform to BS EN 128 78: 1999
  • All our products and sites are quality assured under BS EN ISO 9001

We can work with homeowners, specifiers and architect to achieve your desired effect - just contact our team who are happy to chat to you about your project – 01622 793800,

Require a small load?

We can deliver on smaller (4m) concrete mixer trucks if access is an issue on your project, or if you require a small load.  

Our coloured pigments are supplied by long-standing experts with experience of supplying pigments to the concreting industry.

Please click here for the Technical Data Sheet

All photos supplied by Hatcrete

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Photo 23-09-2021, 16 12 43.jpg

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