Gravel Aggregates


This product is natural uncrushed gravel and has a variety of uses, e.g. footings, drainage and hardcore. It can also be used for building facings and for decorative pavements.


This product is regularly used as drainage material, for general base layers and in lean mixed concrete production.


Primarily produced for ready mixed concrete, this product is the most commonly used grade of gravel.


This finer grade is extensively used in pre-cast products such as manhole covers, pipes, block paving etc. It may also be used as a filter medium for pipe bedding and as a surface dressing.

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  • Marine Aggregate Dredging

    Marine Aggregate Dredging

    We have extraction licences for extensive reserves in the Thames Estuary and access to sand and gravel deposits in the North Sea and in the English Channel near to the Isle of Wight.

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    Specialized Aggregates

    For more information on Specialized Aggregates, please call 0845 6080572 or click on the link.