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IBA Aggregate

A new sustainable construction alternative called Fortistone® IBA Aggregate is now available from Brett Aggregates.

Fortistone® IBA Aggregate is created by processing residues from the thermal treatment of household and commercial wastes. It forms a key part of the circular economy, delivering significant environmental and economic benefits over quarried aggregates.

Replacing Primary Aggregates

It can be used instead of primary aggregate in a variety of civil engineering and construction projects.

  • Unbound – use it for bulk fill, trench fill and sub-bases
  • Bound – use it for road paving and construction blocks

Widely accepted across the industry

Accepted for use by the Environment Agency, the Highways Agency and many authorities, based on its 20-year track record and wide use across the construction industry

Environmental Benefits

Each tonne of Fortistone® IBA Aggregate used in construction

  • Diverts 750 black bags away from landfill in its production.
  • Offers an overall reduction in CO2 emissions compared with primary aggregate.
  • Helps to support a ‘circular economy’ by focusing on recycling and reuse of products

Locally sourcing material like Fortistone® IBAA means less quarried rock has to be imported into the area and its production also generates electricity for the community.

Energy recovered in the process is used to power homes

Other benefits of our sustainable aggregate are:

  • Always available - Constant production means you do not have to wait for the next cargo or rely on construction and demolition material availability.
  • A cost effective alternative to primary aggregates - No aggregate tax is payable – keeping costs down.
  • Less tonnage is required over primary aggregates - Has a lower bulk density than primary material – this means you will get 10 – 15% more coverage from the same tonnage.
  • Consistent product with a high performance -Fortistone® IBA Aggregate is to be used in accordance with RPS247 and is more consistent than recycled  material. It has pozzolanic (cement-like) properties and its Californian Bearing Ratio (CBR) results are favourable to primary material.

State-of-the-art Production

Fortistone® IBA Aggregate is supplied from a brand new, state-of-the-art, high capacity facility which can process up to 400,000 tonnes per annum.

Recycled Aggregate Products Available

Opti Mix (Fortistone®)

Recycled Type 1 that complies with SHW 800 Series - Clause 803

6F4 (Fortistone®)

An evenly graded material from 50mm down that complies with SHW 600 Series

1A (Fortistone®)

An evenly graded material from 0 – 125mm compliant with SHW 600 Series

Other product specifications are available. Please get in touch for more information by calling us on 01795 594000 or by sending us email at


If you would like to download the Fortistone® IBA Aggregate brochure, please click here.