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Gregor Mutch

Managing Director - Brett Aggregates

“The aggregates market is again dynamic and growing with many exciting opportunities and our diverse business is well placed to serve the South East, Eastern and London Markets.

“The London Gateway Port Development project to develop one of the largest container ports in the UK utilised our advantages of location and facilities together with our customer focus and expertise to process aggregates dredged from the approach routes to the development. These routes now allow access to some of the world’s largest container ships.

“As a part of our longer term strategy to accommodate the changing needs of our local communities and customers, we are continuing to invest in mineral applications and in developing our aggregates plants and our recycling capability.  We are planning to serve the London, Eastern and South East markets well into the next century.” Gregor Mutch, Managing Director of Brett Aggregates.

Gregor joined Brett with considerable experience having worked across the UK for over 30 years in the industry. Prior to joining the Brett Group, Gregor worked for Hanson UK for 12 years where he was Regional Director. Gregor sits on the Executive Board for the Brett Group and is a Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying.