Importing By Water To Save Road Miles

Brett Aggregates is fulfilling a requirement for 60,000 tonnes of naturally-occurring primary aggregate for a major project to lay 37km of cable underground along the East Coast, connecting an offshore wind farm to the national grid.


Limestone quarried in Wales is brought by sea to Ipswich Wharf, from where it is delivered for use along the cable route between Bawdsey on the Suffolk coast and Bramford, near Ipswich.


Benn Warren, Site Supervisor at Ipswich Wharf manages the stock to ensure sufficient material is always available to meet demand.


“Importing the material by water dramatically reduces road haulage and associated carbon emissions,” says, Eastern Area General Manager, Adam Smith.

The East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm, some 30 miles off the coast of Eastern England, will consist of 102 turbines that will generate enough clean energy to power the equivalent of 600,000 homes. The turbines will be installed in 2019 and the wind farm is expected to be fully operational during 2020.