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Energy, Water, Waste & Resource Management

All Brett Group products and services are manufactured or delivered using efficient and effective use of primary resources and encouraging the use of secondary and recycled resources wherever possible.

In order to achieve this:

  • We aim to reduce the use of mains water, ensure the efficient use of primary non-mains supplies and encourage the use of recycled water wherever possible.
  • We will consider energy efficiency and minimising carbon emissions in the purchase of any new plant and equipment and in the running of existing operations.
  • We will manage our waste according to the waste 'hierarchy' (reduce, reuse and recycle) and minimise our waste going to landfill.
  • In setting targets for the Brett Group businesses we will give consideration to industry level targets from relevant trade associations including the Mineral Products Association, British Precast Concrete Federation and British Ready Mixed Concrete Association with the overall aim of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We will utilise recycled and/or recovered material in our products where practicable.
  • We will enhance the locality where possible through improved land use and restoration, protect and create new ecosystems and promote bio-diversity and recognise the importance of national heritage and geo-diversity both during and after the end of life of each site.
  • We will measure and record our consumption of primary and secondary resources such as energy and water and our production of wastes e.g. consumption per unit of production.
  • Each Brett Group business will benchmark and set improvement targets with respect to energy, water and waste.
  • Each site will have an annual improvement plan.
  • Performance data will be reported to key trade stakeholders and reviewed through systems auditing against international standards by UKAS accredited certification bodies.

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