Brett Group businesses will act to reduce the adverse social and environmental impacts of transport associated with the delivery of our product to customers.

This will be achieved by:

  • Minimising transport distance through effective route planning and wherever possible reduce unladen road mileage.

  • Monitoring and reviewing distances travelled and types of transport used to deliver constituent materials and deliver products.

  • Promoting alternative delivery methods such as barge or rail.

  • Delivery drivers undertaking safe and fuel efficient driver training and considerate driving training courses.

  • Considering the use of alternative fuels, fuel efficiency and safety standards when purchasing new equipment or vehicles.
  • Disposing of vehicles responsibly at end of life.



  • % of delivery drivers trained in safe and fuel efficient driving.

  • Product delivered by road e.g. tonnes by road, m3 by road.

  • Product delivered by rail e.g. tonnes by rail, m3 by rail.

  • Product delivered by inland barge e.g. tonnes by barge, m3 by barge/ship.

  • Average delivery distance per unit of delivered product e.g. km/t, km/m3

  • Average load size per mode of transport e.g. tonnes or m3 by road, rail or barge.

  • Average fuel consumption e.g. litres/tonne, litres/m3

  • Carbon emissions per unit of delivered product e.g. kgCO2/m3.

Click here to read our Transport Policy document.





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