Safety, Health & Environment

The Brett Group aims to be a leader in safety, health and environmental (SHE) management and believes that risk minimisation, legal compliance and continuous improvement are fundamental to the way we do business.

We aim to have all Brett Group workplaces free from injuries and occupational ill health and to continually improve environmental performance, actually enhancing the locality where possible, and to minimise any adverse impact on the environment and the community.

In order to achieve these we will

  • Continually promote a positive SHE culture through a variety of approaches including toolbox talks, near miss recording and the 'Alive and Well' (A&W) programme which include regular discussions about SHE issues with employees at all levels.

  • Provide training, instruction and supervision to ensure all employees are aware of the SHE hazards associated with their work and accept their duty and responsibilities to take care of the environment, themselves and others who may be affected by their actions or omissions.

  • Ensure all employees comply with control measures that have been developed by risk assessment.

  • Encourage all employees to report any practice, unsafe conditions or faulty equipment that may cause an adverse SHE impact.

  • Develop business specific SHE improvement plans every year.

  • Effectively maintain all plant and equipment.

  • Make SHE considerations a priority when planning any operation, purchase or other business decision.

  • Continually enhance site design and achieve restoration excellence.

  • Carry out regular workplace SHE audits, review findings and identify improvements.

  • Store and manage materials, fuels, oils, chemicals, wastes and effluent in a safe and secure manner.

  • Only engage competent contractors.

  • Provide occupational health screening for all employees.

  • Minimise the potential for nuisance from noise, dust and lighting.


  • % of production sites with UKAS accredited certification to BS EN 14001 and/or BSOHSAS 18001.

  • % sites having a SHE improvement plan.

  • % relevant sites having an approved restoration scheme / biodiversity action plan.

  • Number of convictions for SHE offences eg. safety, air and water emissions.

  • Number of prohibition / improvement notices.

  • % of outstanding internal QUEST audit Corrective Action Reports.

  • % of A&W target achieved by business and individuals.

  • % of near miss actions completed.

  • % of contractors used which are pre-approved.

  • Lost time and RIDDOR incidence rates.

Click here to read our Safety, Health and Environment policy document.

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  • Safety, Health & Environment

    Safety, Health & Environment

    We aim to have all Brett Group workplaces free from injuries and occupational ill health and to continually improve environmental performance.

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