The Brett Group is a responsible and accountable business, a good neighbour and committed to doing business in a way that makes our customers choose to do business with us again and again.

Fair Treatment of Employees and Equal Opportunities

Our policies and procedures reinforce the legal requirements concerned with running our business and also includes fairness of treatment and opportunity, requirements of the Competition and Bribery Acts and employee management and appraisals. These are widely available across each of the Brett Group businesses via our intranet.

  • We will promote our Group values of Customer Care, Integrity and Quality and ensure we have high standards and expectations around leadership, team management and general conduct.
  • The Group is committed to ensuring people are treated with respect and provide training to raise awareness and sensitivity to issues around equality and dignity at work.  Managers will be annually appraised in line with the Brett Values.

Fair Competition in the Sourcing of Suppliers

  • We will monitor and document key decisions to ensure high standards are maintained in how we conduct our business.

  • Suppliers will be treated fairly, negotiating terms and conditions and payment terms without bias.

Ethical Trading Overseas

Brett Landscaping and Building Products Ltd are committed to progressively adopting the TFT Base Code across its business - especially within those areas where the greatest risk has been identified.  In addition to identifying areas of risk we will suppport our commitment with third party auditing and/or work with the TFT Responsible Stone Programme.

  • We fully support the TFT Base Code based upon International Labour Organisation coventions to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the world.

  • We will require all of our Brett Landscaping and Building Products Ltd's UK material suppliers to commit to applying the TFT Base Code across their operations.

  • We will continue to actively work with our suppliers with greatest risk and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with the TFT Base Code.


  • % of relevant employees complying with Competition Act reporting requirements.

  • % of new Brett Group employees receiving induction training which includes sections on Brett Group values and fair treatment of others.

  • % of annual appraisals undertaken.

  • % of suppliers of key materials/services with UKAS accredited certification to BS EN 14001, BS EN 9001 and/or BSOHSAS 18001.

  • Annual summary produced by Brett Landscaping of ethical training initiatives.

  • Click here to view our Ethical Policy.

  • Click here to view our statement regarding The Modern Slavery Act.

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